Rouster has received funding from the Next Generation Internet Initiative (NGI) within the framework of the NGI Explorers project.

Zlatko Zahariev


PhD in Computer Science. Architecture of two multi million products. First Rouster prototype.

Petko Karamotchev

Business, marketing, sales

Founder at INDUSTRIA, ISO/TC 307 Committee expert, mentor at "Founder Institute".

Nadezhda Krasteva

Financial advisor

Deloitte, KPMG, INSEAD MBA, CFA, ACCA, CFO at Nexo.

Nikolay Petrovski


Developed and integrated affiliate web network with 5M+ users in Europe and the US.

The Main team

Krassimir Fotev


Co-Founder at three companies, Assistant VP at Credit Suisse, Researcher at OneClip

The vicious circle

Buy a new PC

...paying lots of money, knowing that you will repeat it again in just several years


...updates, software, data, and licenses. Potentially losing data, or re-buying licenses

Use your PC finally!

Install more or updates,
causing your PC to become slower and slower over time


...having a PC - too slow, or even broken or stolen.
Lowering productivity over time and putting your data at risk

Throw away... generate frustration and electronic waste... restart

PC owners live today

The Problem

The most expensive PC components age faster and consume more power





The Solution

Giving you the ultimate freedom
To have the same PC on any hardware, no matter the shape and the age indefinitely, and to focus on what's important

Next-generation PC
Rouster removes the need for those components by moving them in the cloud

Hardware without the hardware


Rouster One

Rouster One is the core of the Rouster ecosystem, providing a connection to the Rouster access suite. It is coupled with Rouster sets to take the right shape for the particular situation - a laptop, desktop, presentation shell, game console, arcade shell, etc. Building a modular thin client allows us to infinitely expand our product line while maintaining extremely low acquisition costs. 


Office set

The office shell turns Rouster One into a desktop computer with just a slide. It is the perfect solution for the office, home, and public establishments such as hotels, airports, train stations, libraries, coworking spaces, etc. With its low acquisition cost and the option for centralized management of access and usage, it will quickly become the preferred solution for many large-scale and institutional customers. 


3-in-1 set

Desktops are fine for long hours of work but sometimes you have to travel around. If you are not sure that you will have a Rouster desktop shell available at any location you can always bring in your 3-in-1 shell. Use it to turn your Rouster One into a tablet or a laptop. Since Rouster One is small and energy efficient we can use the extra space in the form factor to give our users a device with days of battery life and constant connection to mobile internet!


Presenters set

A common mistake during presentations is to forget your audience and focus on your visual aid. To be able to forget it and dive into the talk a user needs a reliable and easy solution. Our presenter shell is something that you would take out of your pocket, connect with the beamer and get you rolling. You will no longer need to carry around a laptop, wonder if your phone would recognize the beamer, or suffer the agony of realizing that you don't have the right port at the last minute.


Gamer set

For now, the gamer shell is similar to the desktop solution but with an improved design. A simple nod to one of our target segments and a promise that the company plans to develop a dedicated product and service line aimed at one of the most desired segments - gamers. We will use it to start an open conversation to harvest bright ideas on how we can make Rouster the solution for a perfect gaming experience.


Console set

Desktop stations are awesome for online gaming but sometimes you just need something more casual and maybe share with a friend. To serve those gamers we have our console shell that would turn Rouster One into a reason to hang out with friends. You don't have that cool new game? No worries, any of your guests can take out his Rouster One and plug it in so you can check out what he has brought to the party.

The benefits

Forever up to date hardware

Upgrade or downgrade whenever you need to. Without limits.

Use more - pay less. Pay what you use. Use what you need

Secured by nature

Customer support included

2-6x lower e-waste, electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

The only computer you'll ever need

Rouster is the same computer you already know, but much better

One computer - many devices

Any type of device at a fraction of its cost

An average person goes through dozens of personal computers in their lifetime[1]. Most of the time with multiple devices simultaneously[2], spending a lot of money[3] and generating a tremendous amount of computer-related electronic waste[4].

The Global market

According to Gartner, PCWorld, StatCounter - as cool as mobile-first experience is, the personal computers market is strong and growing again[1][2][3][4] (on the account of the mobile market[3]) with 261.2 million units sold just for 2019[1][4], and total market size at ~$170 billion[1][4][5].

Crazy scalable opportunity

We are different

Rouster transforms the personal computers market

Combining technologies from three different markets (Desktop-As-A-Service, Thin Clients, Cloud Gaming), Rouster is the first company to fully utilize them to enter the Personal Computers Market.

Apart from others

  • Rouster is a general-purpose PC, suitable for every need
  • Our prices are a win-win, we are competitive with the price of a conventional computer, and still well profitable 
  • We don't spend hundreds of millions, to subsidize our users

The Road

2. How we spent it

  • Proof of technology
  • Product validation
  • Three POC products to test over Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and the US
  • Over 100 people interviewed
  • Over 20 test users
  • Google campaign

3. Results

  • Feasible technology
  • 90% of interviewee wants to buy it today
  • € 8,5 CAC (users clicked on "pay now")

4. What's next

1. Funding up to now

  • 58000 euros in two grants

* Based on our business plan, profound financial model and a set of milestones and KPIs

Being LEAN we first test the market before we enter it

Year 1

Active users

in revenues

ending cash

Round: €3M

Operate on 2 regions

Year 2

Active users

in revenues

ending cache

Round: €5.2M

Operate on 5 regions, 3 continents

Year 3

Active users

in revenues

ending cache

Round: €7.9M

Full variety of devices

Year 4

Active users

in revenues

ending cache


Year 5

Active users

in revenues

ending cache

Cover 0.4% of the global PC market

The numbers

Business model 

The whole personal computer as a globally available cloud service.

  1. Various monthly/yearly subscription plans; Pay-as-you-go if plan exceeded or upon lack of interest for subscribing
  2. Optional thin client devices


Quite profitable business working on a scale.



+359 878 439 112

Rouster has received funding from the Next Generation Internet Initiative (NGI) within the framework of the NGI Explorers project.