Rouster has received funding from the Next Generation Internet Initiative (NGI) within the framework of the NGI Explorers project.

The vicious circle

Buy a new PC

paying lots of money, knowing that you will repeat it again in just several years


software and updates, synchronize data, and licenses. Potentially losing data, or re-buying licenses

Use your PC finally!

Install more

software and updates,
causing your PC to become slower and slower over time


having a PC - too slow, or even broken or stolen.
Lowering productivity over time and putting your data at risk

Throw away... generate frustration and electronic waste... restart

PC owners live today

The Solution

Giving you the ultimate freedom
A PC that smoothly runs any software on any arbitrary screen/keyboard/mouse, which will never need to be changed again

Next-generation PC
Rouster removes all the significant hardware from the computer and uses it from the cloud

Hardware without the hardware

The benefits

A powerful computer that needs just a screen, a keyboard and a mouse

Can smoothly run any software

A second chance for your old or low-spec devices

Secured by nature

Customer support included

2-6x lower electronic waste, electricity consumption and carbon emissions.

The only computer you'll ever need

Rouster is the same computer you already know, but much better

The very same computer on all your devices

Forever up to date hardware - auto upgraded from the cloud

An average person goes through dozens of personal computers in their lifetime[1]. Most of the time with multiple devices simultaneously[2], spending a lot of money[3] and generating a tremendous amount of computer-related electronic waste[4].

Can even run on a TV, old/broken smartphone, or the cheapest Chromebook

Monthly subscription payments for only what you use

The Global market

According to Gartner, PCWorld, and BusinessWire - as cool as the mobile-first experience is, the personal computers market is strong and growing again[1][2][3][4][5] (on the account of the mobile market[3]) with 275 million units sold just for 2020[4], and total market size expected to reach $224.3 billion is 2025[1][4][5].

Crazy scalable opportunity

We are different

Rouster transforms the personal computers market

Combining technologies from three different markets (Desktop-As-A-Service, Thin Clients, Cloud Gaming), Rouster is the first company to fully utilize them to enter the Personal Computers Market.

Apart from others

  • Rouster is a general-purpose PC, suitable for every need
  • It's B2C and B2B2C
  • Our prices are a win-win, we are competitive with the price of a conventional computer, and still well profitable 
  • We don't spend hundreds of millions, to subsidize our users (as others do)

The Road

2. What we did

  • Proof of technology
  • Product validation
  • Three POC products to test over Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, and the US
  • Over 100 people interviewed
  • Over 20 test users
  • Google campaign

3. Results

  • Feasible technology
  • 90% of interviewee wants to buy it today
  • € 8,5 CAC (users clicked on "pay now")

4. What's next

1. Funding up to now

  • 58000 euros in two grants

* Based on our business plan, profound financial model and a set of milestones and KPIs

Being LEAN we first test the market before we enter it

Year 1

New users

in revenues

Round: €350K

Year 2

New users

in revenues


Round: €1.8M

Operate on 3 regions

Year 3

New users

in revenues

Round: €6.6M

Operate on 5 regions, 3 continents

Year 4

New users

in revenues

Loan: €6.5M

Year 5

New users

in revenues


Cover 0.4% of the global PC market



68 000

1 100 000

The numbers

Business model 

The everyday personal computer as a globally available cloud service.

  1. Various monthly/yearly subscription plans; Pay-as-you-go if plan exceeded or upon lack of interest for subscribing
  2. Optional qualified devices resale


Quite profitable business working on a scale.



+359 878 439 112

Rouster has received funding from the Next Generation Internet Initiative (NGI) within the framework of the NGI Explorers project.